Front Range Vinyl Hop: Bart’s Record Shop

Mika Anami

Rubber Soul by The Beatles
This is the Mobile Fidelity one I was talking about. We have only seen one come in the shop. The sound is killer—it is so good. There are so many common records that come in all the time, but when records come in that you never see, they just stand out so much. Like in Pulp Fiction when he opens the briefcase and it's shining... it's kind of like that. [Laughs.]

All The Roadrunning by Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris
This is a cool record but you can't find this album on vinyl. This is a record that I really like and I have been listening to it.

Big Red Machine by Justin Vernon
This is a new record by Justin Vernon from Bon Iver with the Dessner Brothers from The National, so a lot of people are on this, and this is an album I have been listening to a lot recently.

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel
So, this is one of the MoFi “One Step” I was telling you about—only 7,500 pressings. This one sounds amazing. Especially the last side: Only Living Boy In New York.... So they always put cool stuff in these. They tell you about the process and how they do it. They remove two steps in the process of making the disc and that eliminates two stages of generational loss. So they sound really good. They are 45 rpm.

Fillmore East 2/13-14/70 by Grateful Dead (Dick's Picks)
OK, last one is this one. 2,000 pressings. So, there are not many of these. And like I said, Boulder is a Grateful Dead town, so these are ones that will sell. 1970 was the show and 2013 is the release. So these are cool collectables and they will go for about $250.

~ Customer is standing by the counter with Bob Dylan's new record ~
Will: "Good to see you Sylvia, what's the word?"
Sylvia: "The word is this. [Holds up the record.] It is the best album on the planet that now has been represented on a format previously unheard—so why wouldn't I want that?"
Will: "Exactly."
Sylvia: "I mean, this is the record of all times."
Will: "It's right up there, yeah. Desire is also right up there, too."
Sylvia: "Desire is not as tragic. This is the breakup with Sarah. This is tragic. I have a relationship to every word of this record."
Will: "I wonder how many records like this he has in his vault."
Sylvia: "I actually believe that Dylan is the reincarnation of Vishnu of this time. I am actually not entirely kidding…." [Laughs.]

Sylvia Larsen, sonic alchemist (health practitioner) and record lover, grabs the brand new Dylan bootleg.

――More new records to come from Bob Dylan (aka Vishnu)!
[Laughter.] You know, people say there is no good music coming out. But there is so much amazing music coming out—all the time! There are reissues that live in vaults, or repressing of stuff that they go back to the analog and they make them sound great—so there is no shortage, no shortage of good music.

Stay tuned for more Colorado record shop interviews!

Bart’s Record Shop

Bart’s Record Shop
1625 Folsom Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Hours: 10am-7pm everyday
Tel: (303) 444-1760 USA
Official Site:

Interview, article and photographs by Mika Anami

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