Interview With DJ Spinna ~About The Tribute Party, His Passion For Records And More~

Yayoi Kawahito

――So as our personal buyer, please pick records in the shop—totaling up to $100 in value—and tell us why you chose them.

Paul McCartney – Waterfalls / Check My Machine (1980)

I discovered Check My Machine several years ago! The record gained a lot of popularity in Brazil and Japan. I knew there was a 7-inch pressing for the single, but not a 12-inch. I love 12-inch records, because you can maximize the amount of sounds on the vinyl! The sound is dynamic and uniquely rare. This era of Paul McCartney’s music was very experimental. There were a lot of unique features incorporated in the track. When you listen to it, you really can’t tell if it’s Paul singing!

Eduardo (Human Head Records staff): Did you know, in Brazil, people dance with this track at samba parties. It’s a major samba track.

DJ Spinna: Yeah I know! Saw it with my own eyes!

Gal Costa – Gal  (1969)

Gal Costa is another Brazilian pop artist I’ve recently been getting into. When I listened to it, I realized this album was recorded in 1969, and was more psychedelic than another album of her’s released in the same year, which has been my favorite. I like the jacket too! This album is a reflection of psychedelic rock—when The Beatles started with Sgt. Peppers and Yellow Submarine. Music at that time was edgy: there were a lot of hard drums and funky rock influences.

Stevie Wonder-Songs In The Key of Life (1976)

I collect Stevie Wonder records and especially love Brazilian 7-inch records.  These four tracks make up the EP of Songs In The Key of Life. Two of the songs are edited, except I Wish and Ngiculela - Es Una Historia - I Am Singing, which are full songs. This EP is the only way to get the full version of I Am Singing on 7-inch single, which is great If you’re doing an all 7-inch set!

DJ Spinna

DJ Spinna
DJ Spinna is a DJ, producer, and remixer, originally from Brooklyn, New York. DJ Spinna gigs all over the world, and he rocks various parties in the New York club scene. His music crosses over many genres: house, funk, jazz, soul, R&B, hip hop, dance—creating a unique ambient. As an accomplished producer and remixer, DJ Spinna has worked with many renowned artists and has quite an extensive catalog.

by Yayoi Kawahito
Photos by Still 1
Location at Human Head Records

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