DIG The World With REVINYL: Collaboration With CDandLP!


More great news for record lovers!

REVINYL (vinyl management/sharing/sales app) and CDandLP (major French online vinyl marketplace) have joined forces together!

Who is CDandLP?

A major French music marketplace where record stores and collectors around the world can purchase and sell records and CDs. Read more about CDandLP: https://www.cdandlp.jp/about-us/

With this collaboration, it is now possible to search for MINT SELLERS products sold on CDandLP's site from the REVINYL app! MINT SELLERS are the top-performing and most trusted sellers that sell on CDandLP, and for this occasion, CDandLP wanted to offer their top lineup to make sure customers coming from REVINYL will get the top service.

CDandLP says Hello!

Now Your Search Is More Exciting with CDandLP Mint Sellers!

(search result screens in the app)

At this time, purchasing records requires registration and purchase procedures on the CDandLP site. In the future, we will make adjustments so that purchases can be made within the REVINYL app. If you are concerned about domestic and overseas transactions, please contact the REVINYL official account (from the app)! We will also support your purchase if you need.

We will continue to strengthen our services so that you can search and purchase record information sold by various companies in Japan and overseas! Thank you for your continued support of REVINYL!

Happy Diggin'!

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