The Quest For Autographed Vinyl ~CIBO MATTO~

Hiroaki Gobe

My name is Gobe. I am a fan of records and the Japanese wrestling classics. I introduce special artists through my personal stories and the autographed records I have collected over years of going to live shows.

This time I am showcasing a Japanese group active around the globe.


July 25th, 1996
1st Album VIVA! LA WOMAN Release tour
On the first day of the Tokyo leg of their Japanese tour, rock fans and music industry professionals packed SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO to see the “US-residing Japanese female duo” heralded as having been “recognized by Jon Spencer and the Beastie Boys.” Although the duo had performed in Japan numerous times before, this was their first performance in Japan after releasing their full-length album, so for many, it was their first time seeing CIBO MATTO live. I was one of those individuals.

As the lights above us dimmed, and silence fell over the audience, CIBO MATTO finally took the stage. Even after the first song ended, a heavy tension lingering throughout the venue refused to fade, prompting Miho­-san to sarcastically ask: “ Is everyone still alive?” It was like a vigil.  Irritated by Miho-san’s statement and the unresponsive audience, I shouted: “Who cares if you’re back from New York or wherever, don’t underestimate us!” and proceeded to stage dive multiple times in succession during the next song. Gradually, the crowd surfers began to increase in number, and more and more stage divers appeared. It was so explosive that this eventually came to be known by some as a legendary concert.

Wild from beginning to end it, that performance left an even deeper impression on me than the second performance on the following day at QUATTRO.

July 28th, 1996
Two days after the 2-day performance at QUATTRO, CIBO MATTO appeared at the 2-year anniversary event for Shinjuku Liquidroom.

SUPER JUNKY MONKEY also performed at that event, so I entrusted my record to their drummer Matsuda!! who I had asked to help me get it signed. (Although I kept it a secret that only a few days prior, I had been thinking, “Who cares if you’re from New York or whatever.”) After the performance, in order to collect my album, I had planned to meet up with Matsuda!! in front of the 1st floor elevator of the building where Liquidroom is located. At the time, in order to exit Liquidroom, which was located on the 7th floor, audience members were expected to take the stairs, while the elevator was reserved for artists and their guests only.

After waiting about 15 minutes, the elevator began to come down, and to my surprise, out walked Yuka-san from the headliner CIBO MATTO. I hadn’t expected her to come out so quickly! I later lamented that, “I should have just asked for her to autograph my record myself!” Since I gave my record to Matsuda!!, that meant I of course didn’t have it on hand at the time, and thus let slip a once in a lifetime chance.

As I began to console myself with: “I think I still got it signed, so I guess it’s alright,” Matsuda!! appeared. Trying to restrain my pounding heart, I scanned the record I had just gotten back. There was only Miho-san’s autograph. “I’m sorry! I couldn’t talk to them much, so I only got to ask one of them to sign it,” he informed me. I was stunned into silence. If only he had appeared a few moments sooner. Yuka-san was just here…

(LP autographed by Hattori Miho @ Shinjuku Liquidroom on July 28th, 1996 )

October 16th, 1999
2nd Album STEREOTYPE A Release Tour
After I had already snagged tickets to CIBO MATTO’s October 16th show at Akasaka Blitz, I was shocked to hear that Suicidal Tendencies were coming to Japan and were performing the same exact day. However, luckily, CIBO MATTO’s performance was so phenomenal, that in the end I was still very satisfied with my decision.

The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred March 11th, 2011. CIBO MATTO, who had been on hiatus for about a decade leading up to this, decided to participate in the charity concert held at the Hollywood Bowl in California in support of the areas struck by the disaster, fully resuming activities.
Then, in 2014, they announced their long-awaited new album.


May 20th, 2014

HOTEL VALENTINE Release Live @Ebisu Liquidroom
I was thrilled getting to listen to of course songs from their new album, as well as their 1st and 2nd most popular songs!

I participated in the autograph session after the performance.
I brought with me the Birthday Cake 7-inch. It was the last tune of that night.

Birthday Cake by CIBO MATTO

(7” autographed by Hattori Miho and Honda Yuka @ Ebisu Liquidroom on May 20th, 2014)

Last December, CIBO MATTO announced their disbandment. Although it’s unfortunate, I’m looking forward to both Miho-san and Yuka-san’s solo activities from here on out.

Hiroaki Gobe

Hiroaki Gobe
Gobe is a lover of vinyl and Japanese wrestling classics, and is a being that finds joy in going to concerts and clubs and collecting autographs on records. His very first autograph was from the famed Japanese wrestler Giant Baba.(His favorite wrestlers are: Brody, Fujinami, etc.)

Translation: Angie Chen

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