The Quest For Autographed Vinyl ~Gang Starr~

Hiroaki Gobe

My name is Gobe. I am a fan of records and the Japanese wrestling classics. I introduce special artists through my personal stories and the autographed records I have collected over years of going to live shows.

This post is about one of my favorite hip hop groups: Gang Starr.


May 26, 1995

There used to be a club named Jungle Bass in Roppongi (Tokyo) and they would frequently host events with hip hop and R&B artists that were coming through Japan. The venue had a lot of postponements of shows and last-minute cancellations that were becoming very problematic for fans -although, I am sure it was probably the event organizer’s fault rather than the venue itself.

“So I wonder who is not showing up today.” My friend and I were on our way to the show of DJ Premier, Jeru the Damaja, O.C., and Lords Of The Underground. Our premonition had come true: the most popular performer Jeru had cancelled!

We were disappointed about Jeru, but the lineup of the evening was still superb and we were able to thoroughly enjoy ourselves. (Still, I really wanted to see Jeru and Premier perform together!)

May 27, 1995

I got home early the next morning and slept like a rock.
I woke up at noon and went to Shibuya to go check out some records. (My entire twenties were spent sacrificing as much sleep and food as possible so that I could commute to record shops and music venues.)

When I got to Tower Records, I saw the announcement for an autograph session for the three groups that had performed the night before. I didn’t have time to go home to grab my records and Tower Records had a limited vinyl selection, so I sped over to another record shop. Although I owned all of the records already, I did not hesitate to buy them again. I managed to find the albums of each group and got them autographed.

Daily Operation by Gang Starr (LP)
(Autographed by DJ Premier @ Tower Records Shibuya on May 27, 1995)

October 8, 1998

I saw Gang Starr for the very first time at the LIQUID ROOM in Shinjuku. Looking back, I feel extremely fortunate to have seen Guru and DJ Premier share the same stage. Unfortunately, the very first show I saw of them together became the last one.

Hard to Earn by Gang Starr (LP)
(Autographed by DJ Premier @ Tower Records Shibuya on May 27, 1995)
(Autographed by Guru and Big Shug @ Shinjuku LIQUID ROOM on October 8, 1998)

After the show, I got this LP autographed by Guru and also Big Shug, who was with him.

April 19, 2010

Guru suddenly passed away.

May 3, 2010

Following the death of Guru, Pete Rock and DJ Premier return to Japan. The two artists showed up to an autograph session that was held at Manhattan Records.

DWICK by Gang Starr
(Autographed by DJ PREMIER @ Manhattan Records on May 3, 2010)

The cover reads  “R.I.P. Goo!” for Guru.
May you rest in peace.

Stay tuned for more autographed records, adventures, and artist stories.

Hiroaki Gobe

Hiroaki Gobe
Gobe is a lover of vinyl and Japanese wrestling classics, and is a being that finds joy in going to concerts and clubs and collecting autographs on records. His very first autograph was from the famed Japanese pro-wrestler Giant Baba. His favorite wrestlers are Brody, Fujinami etc.

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