The Quest For Autographed Vinyl ~Snowboarding with AALIYAH~

Hiroaki Gobe

My name is Gobe. I am a fan of records and the Japanese wrestling classics. I introduce special artists through my personal stories and the autographed records I have collected over years of going to live shows.

This post is about AALIYAH DANA HAUGHTON, a star that perished at the young age of 22.

I have been lucky enough to hear AALIYAH sing live three times.

February 25th, 1995 - Shibuya On Air East
October 13th, 1996 - Tower Records Shibuya
December 13th, 1996 - Shinjuku LIQUID ROOM

(Autographed @ Tower Records Shibuya)

AALIYAH’s first album.
I did not meet AALIYAH to get this autograph from her directly. I gave this record to my friend who worked at Tower Records back then and he got it autographed for me. The event was part of the promotion for her second album ONE IN A MILLION, and she was just supposed to give a talk and shake hands, but she decided to sing a song for us in acapella on the spot.

(Autographed @ LIQUID ROOM in Shinjuku)

This was AALIYAH’s second Japan tour and it was at the LIQUID ROOM, back when it was still in Shinjuku. I decided to have a drink with a friend before the show so we met up at an izakaya that was in the same building as the show.

I got to the place late and my friend said “I saw AALIYAH.” So I went looking in the arcade in the basement, and sure enough there was AALIYAH playing games with her crew, probably relaxing after her rehearsal.


I took a chance and called out to her and pulled out the ONE IN A MILLION LP that I had prepared “just in case” and got her to autograph it. She was delighted when she saw that I was wearing the hockey jersey I had bought at her very first show in Japan. Then she invited me. “Let’s play!”

We played a snowboarding game a few times until she won. Despite being a huge star, she was a charming young lady and her smile was still very innocent.

August 25th, 2001
After finishing the music video shoot for Rock The Boat, the cessna 402 carrying AALIYAH and her crew crashed right after take off.

I still cherish and listen to your three albums, singles featured as soundtracks, and songs that were released after your death.

Rest in peace.


Stay tuned for more autographed records, adventures, and artist stories.

Hiroaki Gobe

Hiroaki Gobe
Gobe is a lover of vinyl and Japanese wrestling classics, and is a being that finds joy in going to concerts and clubs and collecting autographs on records. His very first autograph was from the famed Japanese wrestler Giant Baba. His favorite wrestlers are Brody, Fujinami, etc.

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